Novelty! SLS tactile guiding slab for a barrier-free environment


SLS Group opens the summer construction season of 2021 with a novelty. Tactile guiding paving slab for the formation of a barrier-free environment is a means for comfortable navigation of pedestrians with impaired vision and the blind. The slab serves as a tactile route indicator from one object to another. Guided by the longitudinal relief, which can be felt with a walking stick or with the sole, a pedestrian chooses a safe direction for movement.

SLS Group was inspired to launch this type of product by the success of the tactile warning slab with truncated cones last year. We received a lot of positive feedback from customers who noted the convenience of paving and the high quality of the product, the stableness and comfortable height of the relief elements. We have received requests for other elements of the barrier-free environment. Support for social projects, safety and aesthetics of the surrounding area, continuous improvement of production are the priorities of SLS group of companies, so our specialists are enthusiastically involved in the development of new products.
The molds were ordered in Germany: they are adapted to the requirements of Belarusian standards and allow to get a product with clearly defined parameters. The size of SLS guiding slab is optimal in terms of paving ease and use: 40x40 cm. The height of the longitudinal ledges is 7 mm.
This linear paving slab, as well as other types of our products, meets the standards of STB and GOST. It is extremely durable, almost does not absorb moisture, contains the frost resistance mark F250, and can easily withstand the temperature changes typical of our climate. These indicators are especially important for tactile slab, which, due to structural features, may lose its shape and relief during its use. Our specialists have carefully worked out the composition of the concrete mix for the production of new slab on the innovative MASA Henke German equipment.

Due to the improved characteristics, the pavement coating will serve for many years, keeping both functionality and appearance. Thus, in terms of price-quality-durability, SLS tactile guiding slab is a profitable strategic solution.

Nowadays SLS group of companies offers two types of paving tactile slab for the development of a barrier-free environment. A warning slab with truncated cones signals that there is an obstacle ahead or a place where one needs to make a decision, to be more careful. A guiding slab with longitudinal stripes indicates the route of movement and guarantees safety throughout the entire route. It is possible to create a diagonal cross-section by dividing a slab with longitudinal stripes into parts, which is useful when paving turns. The two types of slab together form a safe pedestrian network, a beautiful and convenient sidewalk navigation.

Now you can take a step towards improving the surrounding area and order SLS tactile paving slab on the website or by phone:
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