SLS Group products got the award of the prestigious republican competition "The best construction product of the year- 2020"


"KvartsMelProm" CJSC  was recognized as the winner of the XVII Republican competition "The best construction product of the year- 2020". The award was presented during a solemn ceremony held in Minsk on September 24 in the conference hall of the Victoria Olimp business complex.

The ceremony was attended by over 100 heads of industrial and construction enterprises of the country, as well as guests of honor, members of the Supervisory Board of the competition:

Oleg Shvets, Deputy Minister of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus

Alexander Golovnev, Head of the Main Directorate of Highways of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus

Grigory Glazko, Deputy Head of the Main Directorate of Highways of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus

Eduard Batyanovskiy, Head of the Department "Construction materials and construction technology" of the Belarusian State Technological University, Professor, Doctor of Technical science

Gennady Purs, Director of Republican Unitary Enterprise "Republican Scientific and Technical Center for Pricing in Construction", Ph.D. in Economics, Chairman of the working group on the implementation of BIM technologies under the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus

Viktor Shumchik, Director of Beldor Research Institut

The title of the winner of the competition was awarded to our company in the nomination "The best construction material (product) of the year" for the presented product: "Aerated concrete block of D500 density mark and B2.5 strength class". 

According to the jury members who voted for the award to the enterprise, this product meets all the quality requirements established in Belarus, has high physical and technical characteristics and consumer properties, meets the most stringent consumer demands. By the decision of the Expert Council of the competition, this product was recognized as the best in the construction market of the Republic of Belarus in 2020 in the corresponding category.

The advantages of SLS aircrete blocks are obvious:

•    Low thermal conductivity. Provides lower costs for construction insulation;
•    Easy to install. No special equipment is required for laying block walls;
•    Accuracy of geometric dimensions;
•    Environmental friendliness;
•    Large size range;
•    Affordable price;
•    Sound insulation;
•    Fire safety.
The blocks belong to the group of non-flammable materials. The material can withstand high temperature without losing its properties, it is non-flammable and fire safe.
•    Comfortable microclimate. With the correct design and application of aircrete blocks, you get a comfortable microclimate at any time of the year, comparable to one in a wooden house.


Anastasia Lishik, Marketing Director of “Torgovyi Dom SLS” LLC, took part in the ceremony on behalf of "KvartsMelProm" CJSC.

The winner's diploma and quality mark were safely delivered to the factory of "KvartsMelProm" CJSC.

"The best construction product of the year" is the largest industry competition of republican significance, was established 17 years ago. It is organized by the Belarusian National Technical University, RUE "Institute BelNIIS" and the Center for the Support of Entrepreneurship "Business Media".

The jury includes leading industry experts representing RUE "Stroytekhnorm", RUE "BelNIIS", "Belarusian National Technical University", RUE "Stroymediaproject", RUE "Belarusian State Institute of Metrology" of Gosstandart: Viktor Alyushkevich, Head of the information center of the construction industry, State Enterprise " Republican Scientific and Technical Center for Pricing in Construction "; Oksana Belskaya, Head of the Department for Certification of Materials and Products, "Stroytekhnorm"; Vadim Kudryashov, Head of the department of scientific and innovative activities of the University of civil protection of the Ministry of Emergencies of Belarus, Ph.D. in Technical Sciences, Docent; Tatyana Kukhta, Head of the testing center BelStroyTest, Head of the research department of polymer materials of the Institute BelNIIS; Dmitry Lukyanov, Professor of the Department "Construction and operation of buildings and structures" of the BNTU branch "Interbranch Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining of Personnel in Management and Personnel Development"; Vadim Lyakh, Head of the Geotechnical Laboratory of the BelNIIS Institute; Yuri Primak, Dean of the Faculty of the BNTU Branch, "Intersectoral Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining of Personnel in Management and Personnel Development", etc.

Over the past 17 years, more than 600 manufacturers have received awards from the competition. About 1500 products were recognized as the best: materials, technologies, structures, systems, construction services (in the corresponding competitive categories).

At this year's ceremony, 67 construction companies received awards. 76 products were awarded the title of winner in their categories.

Oleg Shvets, Deputy Minister of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus, greeted the winners on behalf of the country's main construction department:

– The competition has a rich tradition and has been held for 17 years. And it is important. We need to popularize our industry. We have many achievements, ranging from objects that an ordinary person perceives only visually. And we understand that this is the work of many teams: design bureaus, manufacturers of construction materials, construction and installation organizations. And also these are technologies, these are solutions of design institutes. There is a large group of people who are aimed at achieving the goal of constructing an object. And in each of these areas there are people who have achieved certain results and can share their successful, effective experience. The competition gives such a chance to these specialists who are not visible, but who stand behind any object. And we can see and evaluate what they did.

The competition also allows one not to stagnate in the profession. There is always a benchmark to look up to. And after that we tighten up the norms somewhere, somewhere inside organizations are rebuilt, somewhere an impetus is given for the development of a new construction movement. Any competition is a movement forward, which determines the strategy, development of the industry.

Eduard Batyanovsky, Chairman of the expert council of the competition, Head of the department "Construction materials and construction technology" BNTU, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor noted:

 – The competition "The best construction product of the year" is constantly developing. Experts have launched a very serious work to evaluate the technical characteristics of materials, works, construction objects that are submitted to the competition. A careful selection is underway, the best are identified in different directions.

In 2020, new nominations were included and now we can say that almost all areas of the construction industry have been reflected in our country.

We want to convey to everyone that if products that are not on the market of the Republic of Belarus are put up for the competition, the task of the participants is to present and prove its advantages. The second task is to present new products from enterprises that have already passed tests and entered the consumer market.

It is gratifying that the competition also retains continuity: there are already traditional participants who are constantly striving to do something better than in previous years and show it at the competition. You will definitely see these winners at any construction exhibition.

At the 17th awards ceremony, the next results were summed up - the end of a large many months of work on the selection and expert evaluation of construction products variety (materials, technologies, equipment, machinery, etc.). It's noticeable how the status of the competition has grown. Nowadays, getting its recognition means getting the recognition of experts and consumers of those materials, production solutions, developments in various directions that are offered on the modern construction market. For consumers, the competition mark has become a symbol of the quality mark.

It is not the first time that "KvartsMelProm" CJSC has become the winner of this prestigious professional competition. The company also received the status of the best in its market segment in 2013.
A complete list of enterprises-winners of the competition and information about their products are published on the official websites of the competition  and, on the portal TUT.BY, in the newspaper "SB. Belarus Today", as well as in more than 20 republican, sectoral and regional mass media.


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